Meet The Medical Director

Jason Nardi, DC, DABCI, CFMP

Dr. Nardi is a Neuro-Structural Chiropractor, Board Certified Chiropractic Internist, speaker and author in private practice in Juneau, Alaska. He has been quoted in magazines like The Organic Authority, Café Mom, Lifezette, and Healthline. He has also published research on managing IBS with neuro-structural chiropractic.

Dr. Nardi’s path to becoming a doctor started as his health deteriorated, causing him to leave his work in the printing and advertising field. When his medical doctors could not find a cause for his health issues, he sought chiropractic treatment. The chiropractor was able to locate and correct his health issues. Jason found his calling and attended the world’s largest chiropractic school, Life University, in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Dr. Nardi’s approach to patient care focuses on the three messenger-systems in the body: Neurological, Hormonal, and Immunological. By gaining an understanding of the individual’s secondary conditions through diagnostics like imaging, lab work, and basic good-exam procedures, Dr. Nardi helps correct health problems at their root-cause.

When Dr. Nardi isn’t seeing patients or writing, he enjoys a few hobbies. He and his wife Jessica enjoy hiking the Southeast Alaskan rainforest as well as spending time with friends and family. Dr. Nardi also teaches indigenous Filipino martial arts. He has been recognized by the Philippine for spreading Filipino culture abroad.

Dr. Jason Nardi
Nardi Chiropractic

Meet the Office Manager 

My name is Christy Spriggs and I am excited to be working with Karen and Holistic Digestive Solutions. Through my personal experience, I know that nutrition is the gateway to healing our bodies. My personal story began a few years ago with upper and lower GI Issues, onset of severe environmental allergies, the development of food allergies/sensitivities, significant fatigue, histamine reactions, mood swings and more. Western medicine attempts at treating symptoms were a failure and, in many ways, made my condition worse. When I became fed up and would not accept that this is how I would live out my next forty years, I sought the help of a functional medicine practitioner who set me on the road to healing. Through specific tests, she was able to identify my specific deficiencies and potential root causes to my immune system overload. The process was challenging and it took time, but a commitment to whole foods and the right supplements eventually helped my body to heal. Today, I have much more energy and my body is less reactive. I enjoy experimenting with foods to recreate once loved recipes to more healthy versions . As I continue on my healing journey, I am excited to assist Karen in helping others who are looking for an alternative way to find the healthiest version of themselves.