My Story


How My Wellness Journey Began

If you suffer from any of  theses conditions: Depression, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Low Thyroid, Hashimoto, IBS symptoms, Weight gain, High blood pressure, Urticaria-hives, and Stress…you’re going to want to read my story.

The Perfect Storm

I can look back on all of this now, and be so very grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow . . . & heal. But at the time, it was the most depressing and demeaning set of circumstances I’d ever endured.

Like many of you, I used to be healthy, happy, energetic, and full of life. Before my storm hit, it was nothing for me to go to work, meet-up with my friends, run my errands and still have the energy to go work out, zip home to cook and clean up. As a matter of fact, my friends used to ask me how I did it all. Then one day realized something had been gradually changing.

I started to notice I was getting tired early in the day. I thought, “Ok I just need to relax for the day, and tomorrow I will be back to normal.”  The next day I noticed the same thing. I was thinking, “Ok I am getting older and maybe I need to not to over do it.” It’s funny how we give ourselves excuses for things that are going on in our bodies.

The next thing I noticed was I would come home from work and I wanted to take a nap. A nap at 5pm? Ok, but imagine my surprise when I awoke and it was morning, not just a couple hours later. I thought, “That’s strange. I’m not sick. I only sleep like this when I have gotten Pneumonia or Mononucleosis.”  I had no fever or flu symptoms. “What is going on?”

I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten until one day at 4pm, I left my job because I was in such dire need of a nap. I had to call my husband and tell him, “If you don’t talk to me the entire ride home, I am going to pull over on I-40 to sleep.” Though the Grace of God, I made it home and I fell asleep as soon as I got there.

By then I knew something serious was going on. I started having other symptoms as well. I thought, “I can handle this. I am Super-woman. Suck it up and keep on moving.” Finally someone suggested that I go get some blood work done, just to rule out scary-serious things. I had the blood work done. Nothing showed up. We were puzzled!

Meanwhile, I secretly struggled to keep working, but the need to sleep more and more was pulling me down. I decided to go back to the doctor to see if we could solve the puzzles. Her opinion was that I probably needed to take some time off, due to being overly stressed out. Not me! “I am Super-woman! I can do it all!”

A few days later the bottom fell out. I could no longer function. I was forced to take time off. Of course, I thought it would soon pass, but it did not. It got worse and worse as the days passed.

At my worst, I slept 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 2 years. No one knew how bad things really were. I even hid the severity from my husband. Frustrated and confused, I did not understand what was happening to my body. My doctor tried her best, but she could not figure out what was happening to me either. I had pain all over my body. My symptoms were getting worse by the day. At that point, I was unable to speak and my brain wasn’t functioning properly. I felt like I had no quality of life. I kept saying, “I can not live like this.” Sick and unable to communicate, my desperation grew.  My doctor decided to refer me out. “Pass the buck,” is what it felt like.

All of this culminated into a vast frustration that brought me to my knees. I felt desperation, like never before! I had to find the root of my problems. But that’s not what the doctors were focusing upon. They wanted to treat my symptoms, not find the root causes. I insisted on finding the root causes to my symptoms. Drugged, confused, frustrated, and desperate, I decided that with what little energy I had left, I must find the causes and my cures. That is where my real journey began.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Something about that quote resonated within my soul. What I was about to learn, blew me away. Food as medicine instead of prescriptions?  Now that’s a powerful thought!  No more nasty side effects from all the prescription medications . . . which lead to more prescriptions. What a vicious circle I was in. This was a no-brainer for me.  Count me in!  After several months, I was able to get off all my medications, except one. My body continues to heal, while using food as my medicine.

If any of this sounds familiar or resonates with you, please know — you can also heal. I would be happy to talk with you about your particular circumstances and help guide you back to health, vibrancy and your energetic self. Please contact me. The sooner we chat, the sooner I can help you figure out how to reclaim your health.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own
thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”



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