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Find, Identify &
Address Your Root Cause!

Are you ready to figure out what is preventing you from getting well?

Are you ready to find out what root cause of your illness or problem is?

Are  you ready to let go of  your diagnosis and focus on your health?

Are you ready to understand your body better and make your self a priority?

Are you ready to stop being the victim and take care of the problem?

If you have said YES to the above questions than its time to get started and take back your health & life. 

My Signature Approach

While addressing bio-chemical and bio-individual imbalances is critical. I now understand that a truly effective health program must go way beyond this. This is why, I will help you identify and address factors that include your mind, body, and spirit. All of these factors merge together and can create the “perfect storm” and lead to physical and chemical health challenges.

Considering my role as a health detective, I begin with a comprehensive Discovery Session where I review all relevant health-related records, your full history, and all current lifestyle patterns; I also will do a comprehensive full nutrition evaluation.

From here we shift our mindset from traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Functional Medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease.

This approach helps us find healing opportunities and ultimately open the pathways to health. Additionally, I provide comprehensive, step-by step Education on how to get well and stay well while using functional nutrition therapies, sleep and relaxation techniques, exercise and movements, stress reduction and relationship tools, to help you achieve your health goals.

Start now! “Health is Wealth” Your Health is the most important thing you have.Once you loose it you will do anything to regain it.  I speak from experience. Don’t take your health for granted.

If you’re tired of chasing symptoms then this is how you can get started!

How do I Get Started?

Karen sees clients via phone or remote (Telehealth/Practice Better Platform) consultations.

Step #1:  

New clients begin with a FREE, 20-minute Consultation Session. This is so we can get to know each other, talk about how we work and answer any questions you may have.  This is so you can make an informed decision about us and how we work with clients to see if we would work well for you.

The goal of this session is for you to feel hopefulsupported, and inspired about the process of restoring your health; regardless of how many protocols you have tried that did not work.

Karen will explain how the  consulting and the telemedicine process works, and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have before committing to work together.

Note:  Although this is a FREE consult,  a valid credit card will be required to hold your spot.  In the event of a “no show” or failure to cancel without at least 24 hr notice, the credit card will be charged a non-refundable $75.00 fee.

You can book this session by clicking on the “scheduling” tab in the top navigation bar or by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Step #2: Discovery Session ($200.00)

The Discovery Session is the next step after the Initial 20-Minute FREE Consultation Session. This is where we dig deep into your life and medical history in order to form an overview of what is blocking health for you and form a plan for moving forward.  This session is required for all new clients that are interested in pursuing the comprehensive functional health mentoring plans described below.

Note:  While this session is a required step in my comprehensive approach, there is no commitment to move on with continued coaching services after this session.

That said, clients that do move on to Programs do experience the best results.

Discovery Session Includes:

  • Video Conference Call 60-75 minute consult via Zoom or Practice Better Conferencing Software plus all pre-session preparation time.
  • Detailed review of your Nutritional diary and review of your comprehensive Functional Health Questionnaires; which will explore ALL factors involved in keeping you In a state of chronic illness.
  • Review & consideration of recent and relevant lab work (within 3 months only!)
  • Bio-individualized recommendations & action steps to begin implementing right away and for prioritizing action steps moving forward.
  • Detailed review of a comprehensive  and Functional Medicine History Questionnaires and nature of presenting problems.
  • Review and consideration of all recent/relevant past lab work-ups.

You can book this session by clicking on the “scheduling” tab in the top navigation bar.

Once you decide to move forward after the introductory call, you can schedule appointments through the online scheduling link on the Appointments page which includes a secure payment system.

Choose a package

Package #1 is our Functional Blood Chemistry program.This package is one of the most critical programs we offer. Blood chemistry can save you time and money when we are able to use your unique biochemical blueprint to help guide us in your path to wellness. Our functional health report helps us prioritize the most important nutritional deficiencies you have and give us a road map in which direction we need to go to next.

Package # 2 is our Gastrointestinal Program. This program is extremely important when we want to help find the hidden root cause of disease or chronic illness’s.This program does a deep dive into your microbiome to find what imbalances you may have that are the root cause of your chronic health condition causing inflammation in your body.
Hippocrates said that All disease’s start in the gut. For this reason we have an intensive program that not only includes 3 state of the art lab testing but also includes lifestyle factors such as working with your diet, rest, exercise, sleep issues and other emotional components that are critical in regaining your health. 

Package # 3


All Plans Include:

  • Food diary review 
  • Recipes and Food Plans
  • Handouts and materials
  • Email support between sessions
  • Test results & recommendations
  • All time spent on your case outside of the consults for: planning for consults, typing up detailed pre/post-session notes, basic lab review, doing additional research for your case, creating custom protocols, etc.
  • Discount on professional grade supplements within my practitioner dispensaries. 

Schedule Appointment 

Supplements are not included in the price of each plan. 

PayPal Offers 6-Months FREE Financing for Those That Qualify.